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JAMBO Landing Mat

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Wir haben von 24. Dezember bis 7. Jänner geschlossen.

Bestellungen werden ab 9.Jänner 2023 versendet.

Wir wünschen erholsame Feiertage und ein gutes neues Jahr.


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  • J_MAT1-BK-EC
  Economy:  Kostengünstiger Economy PVC und Schaumstoff Premium:  PVC und... mehr
Produktinformationen "JAMBO Landing Mat"


Economy: Kostengünstiger Economy PVC und Schaumstoff

Premium: PVC und Schaumstoff in höchster Qualität

  • Wasserabweisender PVC Überzug
  • Schaumstoff im Inneren
  • Klett-Option verfügbar um mehrere Matten zu verbinden
  • Economy Variante nur in schwarz verfügbar
  • Im PVC ist ein Zip eingearbeitet. Dadurch lässt sich der Schaumstoff auswechseln

Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns bzgl. der Versandkosten! Diese sind extra zu berechnen!

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Derzeit können wir leider nicht in die Schweiz liefern.


Economy: Economy Vinyl and Foam comes at a lower price

Premium: Best quality Vinyl and Foam

The Jambo Landing Mat is an American football training tool designed to provide players with a safe landing during kick blocking drills, tackling drills, and any other practice that results in a hard landing for players. It functions as a crash pad so that players can practice the same drill repetitively and get full extension without the risk of injury.  Our landing mats can quickly and easily be attached together with Velcro to form various shapes, such as large squares, rows, “Ls” or anything else.  No other landing mats have such diverse utility.

  • Size: 200x120x10 , 200x120x5 cm
  • Options: Economy/Economy with Velcro/Premium/Premium with Velcro
  • Uniquely designed Velcro so that individual Landing Mats can be joined together anyway you want.
  • Personalization available for premium products
  • Color Option: Black, Royal Blue, Cobalt Blue, White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green
  • Economy product available only in black color
  • Waterproof equipment that can be used all year long
  • Interior made of compressive foam that absorbs energy upon contact
  • Cover made of 24oz. vinyl with a zipper that allows you to replace the foam
  • Very solid seaming that ensure esthetic touch and item’s durability
  • Superior quality confirmed by over 250 teams from 20 countries

Jambo Athletic offers superior quality at a great price and is manufactured in Europe.

Please contact us for freight costs!

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JAMBO Athletic

“Jambo Athletic is a company that believes in developing American Football in Europe. We play our part by providing European teams with access to a full array of field equipment...”

Jambo Athletic is a family-owned company whose roots are based in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The company was founded by three brothers after their American football team had difficulty accessing reasonably-priced field equipment. Seeing that there were no European field equipment suppliers on the market, they came up with a strategy for designing the equipment themselves. They began identifying the fundamental tools that they could supply to teams in and around Poland and got to work. The family had a long history in textile manufacturing, so the transition to American football equipment was a smooth process. Once production began, Jambo field equipment was quickly in high demand from teams all across the European continent.

The company believes in developing American football in Europe, and it plays its part by providing European teams with access to reasonably-priced field equipment.

Jambo provides quality European design and manufacturing. The company takes great pride in its work, and that is evident in the positive feedback from its clients. Teams from all across Europe have ordered Jambo and have been pleased with the quality of the product and the personalized service. Since the company manufactures within Europe, shipping costs are exceptionally low and countries within the European Union don’t pay import taxes. Jambo shares your passion for American football and wants to help your team reach its goals, as emphasized in their company motto: “From Passion to Perfection.” Fast service, exceptional pricing, and quality engineering all make Jambo the leader in American football training equipment for the European market. Try Jambo out for yourself!

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