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XENITH freiwilliger PRODUKT RÜCKRUF - Xenith voluntary recall


Liebe Kunden,

Xenith hat einen freiwilligen Rückruf von „gloss-, oder metallic-farbigen Helmen“ bekannt gegeben.

Betroffene Modelle: ( Gloss-painted or metallic-painted)  Epic, X2 adult and X2E adult - mit Herstellungsdatum zw. Mai 2015 und Mai 2016.

Bitte überprüft die Seriennummer Eures Helmes online unter:  www.xenith.com/pages/recall “CHECK MY HELMET(S)”.

Die Seriennummer befindet sich auf einem Sticker an der Innenseite der Heimschale (gemeinsam mit dem Produktionsdatum).

Falls euer, bei uns gekaufter Helm betroffen ist, bitten wir um Kontaktaufnahme per Email: info@teamzone.at


viele Grüße

Felix Hoppel






Dear all,


you are surely aware of Xenith’s recall announcement.

We want to give you some inside information to help clarify things.



Please note that this is a voluntary recall.

It is a voluntary corrective action in close coordination with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ensure that the Xenith products continue to meet the highest standards of excellence and performance. 


During a transition period of manufacturing facilities, a “flex” additive chemical compound, which prevents other coating components from causing embrittlement of the shell material, was not included in the paint mixture for gloss and metallic painted helmets. Basically, this is what happens when you repaint your helmet yourself.


Keep in mind: no injuries have been reported!



Only less than 8% of Xenith helmets are affected.

Helmets which might be affected:         Gloss-painted or metallic-painted Epic, X2 adult and X2E adult

Manufactured between May 2015 and March 2016

Injected color shells and matte painted shells are not affected.


·         WHAT TO DO?


o   Please check your inventory by following the steps listed on: www.xenith.com/pages/recall “CHECK MY HELMET(S)”.

You simply need to fill in the serial number of the helmets (which you find on a label on the inside of the helmet together with the manufacturing date) and it will show you immediately if your helmets are included in the recall.

If your helmet is affected, please contact us by email-




Best Regards

Felix Hoppel



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