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  • F300-SM
Xenith Xflexion Shoulder Pad All Purpose Shoulderpad Xenith's Xflexion shoulder pad... mehr
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Xenith Xflexion Shoulder Pad

All Purpose Shoulderpad

Xenith's Xflexion shoulder pad offers better protection and better flexibility in a pad designed for any position.
Utilizing Xenith's patented Aware-Flow shock absorber technology coupled with cantilever straps, Xenith's Xflexion is the most innovative pad ever introduced.
The Xflexion system features floating chest and sternum plates which converge to provide greater flexibility.

Better Protection
Xenith's Xflexion shoulder pad offers better protection than traditional shoulder pads. The chest, back, and arm plates are all made from an engineered polymer specifically chosen for its strength and toughness, even in extreme temperatures. The injected plates at the chest and back provide improved stiffness in critical contact areas. The sternum plate and spine plate deflect energy by moving independently from the rest of the pad. No traditional pad features this level of protection for the sternum and spine.

Better Flexibility
Xflexion offers greater flexibility and allows for greater range of motion than traditional shoulder pads. Xenith's Xflexion system features floating chest plates, which allow the player's arms to freely reach across the center of body. The unique connection of the sternum plate allows the two chest plates to converge, offering even greater flexibility and increasing reach. The independent shoulder and bicep plates allow for full range of arm motion over the player's head.

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