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Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer

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What is Gorilla Gold? It's a towel that's impregnated with an all-natural solution that... mehr
Produktinformationen "Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer"

What is Gorilla Gold?
It's a towel that's impregnated with an all-natural solution that instantly repels moisture and tacks up any surface to which it's applied. In football, it's used on hands and gloves.

How will Gorilla Gold help my game?
Tacking up with Gorilla Gold allows you to grip with better control and confidence, even when your hands or gloves are wet with sweat, rain or snow. In cold and dry conditions, it gives you a better feel for the ball.

Why does Gorilla Gold work so well in wet conditions?
The primary ingredient in Gorilla Gold is beeswax, a clean, natural and effective moisture repellent that works instantly upon contact.

Will Gorilla Gold gunk up the ball?
No. Gorilla Gold is specially formulated to lightly tack up the object to which it first comes in contact. In football, it's applied to hands or gloves, and the effect on the surface of the ball is negligible.

Does Gorilla Gold work better with or without gloves?
Gorilla Gold works great on your bare hands, or with any glove made. In fact, Adams USA, manufacturers of the famous Neumann gloves, recommends Gorilla Gold, especially in wet conditions. On the other hand, players who prefer not to use gloves like the natural feel Gorilla Gold gives them.

How often should I use Gorilla Gold?
Touch up your grip whenever you feel the need. Because it dissipates quickly, you may want to do it often.

How do I use Gorilla Gold?
The convenient towel allows you to control the amount of tack you apply and where on your hands you want it applied. For example, some players report that just a touch on their fingertips does the trick, while some receivers prefer to squeeze the towel so that it covers their hands or gloves. The general rule of use is simple: use it lightly for a little tack, and squeeze harder for more tack.

Does Gorilla Gold replace a terrycloth towel?
No. Gorilla Gold is not designed as a replacement for a terry cloth towel. Used in conjunction with a cotton towel, it improves a player's ability to grip with greater confidence. Players who use both, usually keep Gorilla Gold under their cotton towel.

Who should use Gorilla Gold?
Whether you're a quarterback, receiver, center, punter, or taking snaps for the place kicker, Gorilla Gold will help you get a clean, sure grip without the slip. It can also help keep running backs from slipping away from defenders, and linemen achieve better contact and control.

Why are so many coaches recommending Gorilla Gold?
How many games have been lost because a quarterback's sweaty fingers slipped off the ball, or a receiver's hands became too slick with rain, or numb from cold? Gorilla Gold gives players a fighting chance against the elements.

Why is it important to use Gorilla Gold during practices?
Coaches agree: anything that can get a receiver used to catching the ball, or a quarterback throwing the ball with confidence during practice can be a real advantage on game day.

How long does Gorilla Gold last?
If it's kept in its resealable bag or another airtight container after use, Gorilla Gold can last for several uses. Some players will use one or two a month, whereas others prefer a fresh towel more often.

Is Gorilla Gold a “tack cloth” like I can get at the hardware store?
No. In fact, it performs the opposite function. A tack cloth is designed to pick up fine particles and leave no residue on the surface, whereas Gorilla Gold is manufactured and formulated to deposit a residue onto the primary surface (hands and gloves) to which it's applied.


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